One complaint when temperatures turn cold is staying warm. Keep warm and learn some cool winter life hacks with a little creativity, try these winter tips.

Winter Staying Warm Tips ThinkStock
Winter Staying Warm Tips ThinkStock


  • Mittens or Gloves... always mittens, your fingers will have skin to skin touch which actually keeps you warmer
  • Spray your snow shovel with cooking spray to keep sticky snow from sticking
  • Avoid cotton clothes and socks as they retain moisture and will leave you cold every time
  • Kitty litter is the best way to get traction if you find yourself stuck in the icy snow
  • Insulating your windows and still letting light in is as simple as using large bubble wrap, you'll save on your energy bill and not feel like you're in a dungeon. And you don't need tape or glue, mist the window with water and press the flat side of the bubble wrap against the window
  • De-Ice your car windows with a solution of vinegar and water mixed at a 3:1 ration, vinegar to water. It will help prevent ice from forming and make it a breeze to wipe off
  • Cyclists unite with this winter tip, winter tires are expensive so try this trick, strategically place zip ties around your tires and clip off the extra.

There are so many tricks out there, if you have any, put them in the comment section below and stay warm!


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