The 36th Annual Wine Fest is Friday, April 6 from 6-10pm at the Fort Collins Marriott Hotel benefiting Disabled Resource Services. At Wine Fest you can taste more than 500 wines from around the world and craft beers from right here in Northern Colorado. There ll be great food, too!

Doors open to VIP ticket holders at 6 p.m. for high-end wine pouring and intimate access to winery and brewery representatives. General ticket holders are welcome at 7 p.m. for a night of wine, beer, tapas and conversation.


$75 General Admission; VIP $100. Discounts for 6+ tickets; $5 more at the door. Get your tickets, or call:  970.482.2700.

5 Steps to Tasting Wine

  • SIGHT - check the wine's appearance by holding to the light. Look for clarity and color. Red wines get lighter as they age. White wines deepen in color as they age.
  • SMELL - swirl & sniff. Swirl the glass gently to aerate the wine then take a few rapid sniffs. Look for intensity of aroma and bouquet.
  • TASTE - sip and swallow. Hold a sip of wine in your mouth, let it roll around your palate and consider if it's fruity, dry (not sweet) or sweet.
  • TOUCH - consider if the wine feels thick (heavy bodied) or thin (light bodied) in your mouth. Do the tannin in your red wine feel coarse or velvety? Does the aroma and flavor stay in your mouth after you've swallowed? If so, then it has a long finish. If it disappears quickly then it has a short finish.
  • OVERALL EVALUATION - did you like the wine? This is the most important question! If the wine is balanced the acid/sugar/tannin/alcohol components should blend smoothly and not overpower the wine.




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