Holy Rings of Betazed! Bill Shatner is on his way to the Mile High City!

Of course, Betazed was a part of Star Trek the Next Generation, but we wouldn't have had that show without the Original series, featuring Shatner as Captain James Tiberius Kirk!  

William Shatner
Roy Richlin, Getty Images

I have a friend who is a HUGE Star Trek the Next Generation fan, but she is in NO WAY a fan of the Original Star Trek series and its captain of the legendary Enterprise. I find that a shame, because without that series and Wiliam Shatner as Kirk, she wouldn't be able to have fun with Captain Picard and Ensign Wesley Crusher - 'Shut up, Wesley!'

William Shatner is going out on tour and making a stop in Denver on June 21, 2018! This could make for a GREAT Father's Day present!

He'll be at the Paramount in Denver with a special screening of the fan-favorite, the CLASSIC - Star Trek II - The Wrath of KhanI am seriously giddy with excitement about this show!


It really is a funny scene, because Kirk KNOWS that they won't be stranded on that 'planet', so why is so angry? I guess it's all part of the con of Khan.... That wise buccaneer!

At this screening of Star Trek II, it will include Shatner on stage doing a conversation /Q&A session about the beloved series and his role as Kirk! Too. Much. Fun. I'm ALREADY overwhelmed!

It's a part of the Backlot Project, where they set these kinds of things up. For example, maybe you'd like to see 'Say Anything' on the big screen again, followed by a live conversation with John Cusack!

I wonder, if I had the opportunity to ask ONE question as a member of the William Shatner audience, what would it be?

Bill, -- may I call you Bill? Bill, since it's just you here, you can tell us- Who was your FAVORITE red-shirt to die?'

Something like that- oddball and out of nowhere. It's a brilliant question!

Tickets for the June 21 screening are on sale now for $49.50 up to $99.00. For $150, you get a VIP experience that comes with a PREMIUM seat and a photo-opp with Shatner!

For Christmas, my brother got me a Star Fleet Captain costume-shirt. What a PERFECT opportunity to get my Star Fleet freak on!  Who's joining me?

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