William Michael Morgan has dropped "Missing" as the second single from his debut album, Vinyl. Click play below to listen to the new track.

Full of all the steel guitar, fiddle and genuine country vocals listeners could ask for, "Missing" hearkens back to the good ol' days of George Strait and "real" country music. Morgan's deep voice pairs perfectly with the honky-tonk tune, making "Missing" a choice track to get lost in, whether you're stuck in traffic on a busy weekday or lazing around the lake for a long weekend.

Along with the song's solid return to the melodious roots of country twang, the lyrics of "Missing" also make the track stand out. Written by Rhett Akins and Marv Green, "Missing" does what classic country tunes do best: It taps into a universal emotion and gets your toe tapping all at once.

"I bet my friends are wondering / Where I am or if I'm still alive / They're worried over nothing; they should know I'm perfectly fine / It's just a mood I get in now and then / When I need to get my head clear / I turn off my phone, get lost, get gone and flat-out disappear," sings Morgan in the song's first verse, reflecting a desire many of us have every now and again to just disappear for a few days. "Well, there ain't no telling where I'm bound / The big city or the country or a little beach town / But you wont find me 'cause I can't be found / I'm on a mission to be missing ..."

"Missing" is Morgan's second single, following "I Met a Girl," which earned him his first No. 1 song. Vinyl was released on Sept. 30; fans can purchase the record on iTunes and visit Morgan's website for more details on upcoming shows.

Listen to William Michael Morgan, "Missing":

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