People come up to me all the time and say "where is the real country music?" We have some great songs and killer new artists but I understand there are many who are put off by some of the sounds of the new country. It happens all the time. When Waylon began his reign he freaked out the established country crowd with his rebel look and sound. Garth Brooks put off some traditional fans with his over the top rock n roll atmosphere concerts and now many are wondering what the heck the likes of Florida Georgia Line or Thomas Rhett are up too. I get it. The beautiful thing about country music is that there really is something for everyone, sometimes you just need to dig a little to find what you are looking for.

If you like George Strait sounding real COUNTRY country music, you have to look a little but it is still there. Easton Corbin, Chris Young, Josh Turner and acts like them are still out there pumping out that great country sound and there is a new troubadour on the scene who is making the kind of country I love named William Michael Morgan. William is one of the coolest success stories of the year. His debut single "I Met a Girl" has quietly made it's way up to the top ten on the country charts at a time when many experts said that kind of country wouldn't work anymore. Fools. William has his full length debut album scheduled to be released at the end of September. You can pre-order it here and start getting a few tracks. You are going to love this album. Country is alive and WMM is helping to keep it's heart pumping strong.

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