One expert would have us believe spending will be down more than 50 percent.

We still have time. That seems to be my answer for all of these upcoming holiday, concert, travel questions. There's still time before many things happen. It's vague and an unrealistic approach to life, but it's a pandemic so I'm going for it. 2020 has already told me how I can live my life, but not how I have to feel about it.

All that is to say, we have time before Halloween.

So, do I think Halloween is canceled this year? Absolutely not. Will spending change? Probably. The Los Angeles Times recently published an article from a professor of finance at the Robbins School of Business at the University of Richmond in regard to the spooky holiday. His name is Tom Arnold and he believes spending for this Halloween will be cut in half at the very least.

A 50 percent decline in spending?!

I find this hard to believe. In my opinion, Halloween will change this year in some aspects, but I believe people are looking for some happy in their lives. We've already compromised our St. Patricks Day, Easter, and Fourth of July plans... do you really think people aren't going to go all out to create some frightening joy this year?

Big parties will be out, but doing something as a family could be fun! Costumes can still be worn, decorations can still be put up and candy can still be eaten. And while the budget may be a little more strict this year, I have to believe that the ghouls and goblins will still be out in full force. Plus, Halloween is a holiday in which wearing a mask is strongly encouraged even outside of a pandemic.

I know we still have some time, but what are your thoughts on this Halloween?

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