For many fans, sporting events and drinking alcoholic beverages go hand in hand - but there are also plenty of people out there who want to maintain sobriety in these types of scenarios, and that's not always something that can feel easy to do.

However, more and more NFL stadiums across the country are normalizing sobriety and catering to those in attendance who just don't drink. This is being done through something called Section Yellow.

Section Yellow was created by a longtime Packers fan and debuted at Green Bay's Lambeau Field. It started out with just a single table that served as a station for solidarity and respite from drinking. But from a table offering yellow sobriety stickers and a few other resources, the idea has now evolved into an entire section of the stadium acting as an oasis for sober fans and others who are along with them in support.

The concept creates comfortable spaces inside the stadium where fans who don't drink can still have fun. Sober stadium sections allow football enthusiasts to have an enjoyable experience at a game without alcohol being involved.

The Section Yellow program, or a similar supportive sober concept, has already spread to quite a few other NFL stadiums within the past season.

Sober sections have made a huge difference for fans in attendance at stadiums across the country. It's helped to create a community, strengthen a network, and provides a safe place for a large percentage of people who don't drink to not feel as isolated or uncomfortable at games.

The National Football League hopes Section Yellow will eventually be replicated across the board, and possibly even at a larger scale, including at the Super Bowl. In a recent interview with The Today Show, an NFL representative noted that the professional sport wants to be inclusive and supportive of all its fans.

The 14 NFL teams that have either established alcohol-free sections in the stadium or offer a designated support station are Arizona, Seattle, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, New England, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Green Bay, Buffalo, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

Will Denver be the next NFL stadium to embrace this supportive trend?

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