Okay... Let me first start by saying that I have not been camping in a very long time. Life has a funny way of getting in the way. But if I were to go camping, the most important thing for me to do would be relaxing, not sitting around using WiFi in the woods.


According to KDVR, the Interior Department is currently reviewing some recommendations to modernize campgrounds at national parks. That could include WiFi, hot showers, and food trucks. Derrick Crandall, the Vice Chairman of the Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee says that many of the campgrounds do not meet visitor's expectations.

The committee appears that they will select five to ten national park sites by December. More than likely those with visitation numbers for the pilot program.


I have to think to myself, what expectations aren't being met? If you are perturbed that you don't have access to hot water, don't want to be hassled to bring a cooler of food for your trip, or feel like you are going to lose it if you can't check Facebook every seven minutes because you are in the woods, then camping really isn't for you. There are however these really neat places called hotels that already have all of these amenities readily available. Or am I totally wrong on this? Would services like WiFi and a food truck at your campsite in Rocky Mountain National Park make it that much better?

Source: KDVR

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