I always love meeting new dogs when we go out. Some dog owners choose a unique dog name when they are choosing their new furry friend and others go for a name that just feels fitting for the dog.

If you are going to be getting a new dog in the near future, chances are that you have thought about what you would name your new dog. Would you rather go with a more popular dog name or would you want to go with something unique?

When choosing your dog's name, I always feel it is best to give the dog a name that fits their personality or specific traits. Camp Bow Wow recently put out a list of the most popular dog names for 2024 and all of the names are great.

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The Top 5 Dog Names in 2024

Here are the top five dog names in 2024 according to Camp Bow Wow.

Gallery Credit: Matt Sparx

Camp Bow Wow says that when picking a name for a dog, you should be creative when picking your dog's name. If you happen to have more than one dog in the household, be sure to avoid picking names for the dogs that don't sound the same to prevent confusion.

Other popular dog names include Daisy, Max, Milo, Bailey, and Sadie. Take a look at all of the popular dog names in 2024 and how the data was compiled at campbowwow.com.

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