Thousands of planes pass through Colorado's skies, often stopping at airports throughout the state to reload or refuel. Most of these massive airplanes look alike, but occasionally, a rare or unique aircraft is parked at one of Colorado's terminals.

Like last week, for example, when Denver International Airport shared a photo of one of the prettiest planes to touch down at a terminal lately.

On February 15, a Volaris A320neo featuring the iconic Barbie landed in Colorado. But what's the story behind this posh pink and white plane and what was it doing here?

Volaris unveiled the exclusive Barbie airplane in spring 2023, ahead of the movie's much-anticipated premiere. The Mexican airline Volaris partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to design the aircraft. This eye-catching airplane sports the usual white-dominant livery but the text has a twist - it's now colored in Barbie's trademark pink. Australian actress Margot Robbie, as Barbie, also makes an appearance in the midsection.

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It was announced that the Barbie plane will serve the airline's beach destinations this summer. Based on the flight tracker, it was likely headed to Mexico the day the plane was seen at DIA.

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Gallery Credit: Kelsey Nistel

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