Two words: Bugling Elk!

Ingram Publishing, ThinkStock
Ingram Publishing, ThinkStock

Fall is creeping up on us and this time of year is Valentine's Day for elk. The giant bulls that can sometimes weigh up to 1,100 lbs. get soaked in their own urine, cake themselves up with mud and fight other bulls to attract females. Sounds sexy right?


Now through October is a prime time to catch bugling with approximately 3,000 elk in the area. Your best best to catch some action is going to be early morning right before sunrise to around mid-morning. If you are like me and not so much of a morning person, grab a late lunch in Estes Park and head out for the late afternoon show.


According to the Coloradoan, here are some pointers to help get the most out of your visit:

• Turn off car lights and engine as soon as you park and shut car doors quietly.

• Stay near the road and do not enter the meadows.

• Keep conversations to a minimum and in a low tone.

• Flash photography is not allowed.

• Do not use artificial lights or call to view or attract wildlife.



Enjoy your trip and take lots of photos, we would love to see them!




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