Poudre Fire Authority Chief Tom DeMint, Todd Harding and Todd Blehm compare white legs
Jenny Harding, For TSM

I have always had very pale skin. Brian Gary calls me violently Caucasian. Yes, I am very white. I don't tan. I burn, and I'm not even a redhead. What I found out is that I am not the only one.

On Saturday, I was in the Downtown Fort Collins St. Patrick's Day parade. After the parade  I was talking to my friends, Todd Blehm and Poudre Fire Authority Chief Tom DeMint. We discovered we all suffer from the same affliction. We all have extremely light complexions. We 're about as white as you can get.

So, we all lifted our pant legs to compare whiteness. My wife took pictures. See if you can tell who has the whitest legs.

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