The reintroduction of wolves in the state of Colorado has been a very polarizing topic to many residents since the cages have opened and the species has been allowed to roam free.

12 gray wolves now call Colorado home and all have been marked with GPS tracking collars by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The initial release of gray wolves in the state of Colorado is just the start as there are plans to have 15 to 20 wolves released into the state by mid-March 2024.

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Where have the wolves gone in Colorado?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife posted a map of where the gray wolves have been tracked throughout Colorado with the GPS collars. While the area may seem very large, it is not a definitive location as to where the wolves have traveled. The purple location on the map shows the gray wolf activity in watersheds only. While It may look like wolves have traveled south of Interstate 25, Colorado Parks and Wildlife say that this has not happened. It also appears that the wolves have not yet ventured into Rocky Mountain National Park.


As the days and months progress with wolves in the state of Colorado, it will be interesting to see where the wolves travel.


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