The iconic Bucksnort Saloon sits high up in the forest in Pine, Colorado, and has been a staple of the Spinx Park mountain community for more than a century.

Tucked away on Elk Creek Road at 7,040 feet, the rustic structure was built around the early 1920s. The property includes a two-room, 2,000-square-foot main building, three liveable cabins, and a parking lot.

It started as a community gathering place and store called Sphinx Park Mercantil. According to Denver Westword, the western watering hole primarily catered to the railroad workers and miners in the area.

The property had several changes in ownership throughout the next few decades. Eventually, the store part closed up shop and the venue began hosting square dances and live performances.  By the 1960s it had become a full-fledged bar and restaurant.

Bucksnort Saloon got its now-infamous name in the 1970s. The unique moniker reportedly came from the owner's beloved dog, who was a very noisy sleeper.

Besides having a memorable name, Bucksnort is known for having dozens of dollar bills hanging from the walls and ceiling. Over the years, it's become a tradition for patrons to place a dollar somewhere inside the building.

Although it was a successful saloon for a long time, challenges from the recent Pandemic, as well as septic tank issues led to a temporary closure of this local establishment. However, the good news is that new owners are in the process of making necessary upgrades to re-open, including installing a new septic system.

Bucksnort Saloon hopes to re-open sometime soon. There are also plans to bring back the Buck Stop store on-site.

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