We made it to another weekend, and as the temperature has risen, so have our collective spirits. At least, on what we're able to go out and do. It seems like every couple days, a new, fun and exciting event pops up that we'll be able to enjoy. Quite the contrast to what we dealt with in 2020. It's starting to feel like Summer 2021 is going to be the best ever, but Spring 2021 is starting out pretty well, too! It's Mother's Day Weekend, so we'll be able to throw a rock at a restaurant and find brunch options at least.

In The Whale At The Lincoln 

A lot of people say they really miss live music, here is your chance to fill that void that we've been missing. I've watched some of their stuff on YouTube and they're going to be loud.

Subtronics At The Chinook 

More live music, right!? This is pretty cool, Blue Pig Presents teamed up with AEG to bring us some great outdoor shows this summer and this will be the first one to sound off at the Chinook.

The Last Five Years At The Atlas With Cheyenne Little Theatre

Ok, maybe you're not wanting to catch some live music tonight, how about a play? The Cheyenne Little Theatre is putting on The Last Five Years, which was the inspiration for the film starring Anna Kendrick.

Finding Nemo At The Cheyenne Civic Center

The Cheyenne Civic Center is starting to wind down their salute to Pixar, but they aren't going to go out without a bang, Finding Nemo will play Saturday.

And finally, don't forget about Mom, Mother's Day Brunch is happening this weekend all over Cheyenne.

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