We made it to another weekend! Get your party pants(or shorts) ready, because this is going to be a BUSY weekend. I'm not sure if you can cram everything into this weekend, but I'm rooting for you. Live music and festivals fill this weekend, so hold on to your butts! Let's Go!

Fridays On The Plaza

Another great lineup just waiting for you at 5:30 on the Downtown Depot Plaza. Jocelyn And Chris are headlining the show with some local flavor from Laramie opening things up, Gringos Y Grimmies. You don't want to miss out on either band, or the amazing food trucks that will be in store.

4-Ever West Tattoo Festival & Paint Slingers

This, this is going to be awesome! We've already seen some new art around town, thanks to the Paint Slingers. The 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival is going to be all over the Depot this weekend with tons of art, arm wrestling, face painting and more!

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Coolio And Rob Base

I'm really excited for this one. Take me back to the 90s and leave me, please. Coolio and Rob Base playing a free show at West Edge Collective. I told myself I wasn't going to say this, but, whatever. We all know Coolio is amazing, but while not internationally known, Rob Base is known to rock a microphone. I'll see myself out.

Cheyenne Little Theater: The 65th Old Fashioned Melodrama

Has anyone else been missing the action from Cheyenne Little Theater while they've been working away on their latest show? That's what I thought. I'm looking forward to catching this show. This looks to be a great time in the ole west!

Whew, there's a lot to digest, enjoy your weekend accordingly!

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