You know those insurance commercials where they show the guys who are turning into their fathers? I laugh every time I see those because I can see the truth in it and find myself slowing doing it. I find myself being that old guy who talks about how things used to be...but I am right darn it.

A great example of this is that there are many personal traits that we once considered common and now are seen so infrequently that they are considered to be 'refreshing'. Have you ever been really honest with someone and had them tell you that hearing the truth was refreshing? Honesty and truth should not be so rare that it is refreshing. Being on time and prompt for something these days can be called refreshing. I find that 'class', 'accountability', and 'kindness' have all now become 'refreshing' traits as well.

Let's get back to when being human was the norm. Let's all start making Honesty, Class, Kindness, Promptness, and Accountability much more common and make sure we are being the people we think we are. Maybe turning into our parents isn't such a bad thing.

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