They recently installed a white bike onto a light pole along Taft near 50th Street. It certainly stands out, and that’s what it’s supposed to do.  Or, is a distraction?

Loveland Bike 2
Dave Jensen, TSM

It’s called a ‘Ghost Bike’, this white bike in Loveland that sits above the sidewalk on Taft near 50th Street. It represents a victim of a bike accident fatality.  A Berthoud man, George Nelson, was riding in that exact area in the middle of July when he was involved in an accident with a vehicle. He did not survive.

George was well known in the local biking community, so the folks at Bike Fort Collins came and installed their first ‘Ghost Bike’ in Loveland. Bike Fort Collins puts these up near the scenes of fatal bike crashes; as memorials to the victims, and to spur bike safety- reminders that both cyclists and drivers need to be more alert out on the roads.

Of course, the ‘Ghost Bikes’ stand out. I can see where people might get distracted by them. Hopefully, that’s not the case, as the bike will probably only be up until the middle of August, according to Bike Fort Collins.

[Source: Reporter-Herald]

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