Most of the time, I can't tell my left from right, and it took me a really long time to remember which hand signal is which when riding my bike. The thing is, in a community like ours in Fort Collins where bikes heavily share the road with cars -- it's an important thing to communicate. 


According to Poudre School District, Fort Collins High School student Preston Henning said he feared hitting cyclists while driving at night, which is a fear that I have, too, as both a bicyclist and a driver. During this year's Fort Collins High School Shark Tank competition, he pitched his invention: 'cycling gloves with integrated LED lights that signal with bright orange and yellow arrows,' which act as turn signals for cyclists.

Henning won the competition, and the $1,000 investment prize, so he'll be able to make a prototype. Honestly, we think this is something that could -- and should -- be used here in Northern Colorado. Congrats!

You can read more about Preston Henning's invention through Poudre School District's website.

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