Being the millennial that I am, when the term 'coworking' piqued my curiosity, I went straight to a Google search. It's defined as 'the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers...sharing equipment, ideas, and knowledge.' Sounds cool, right? So, it's no surprise that this new trend is popping up in Old Town. 

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The Inkpad building has been under-wraps until recently, but those of us who walk past the new office space on Linden Street (usually after hanging around the new Artery) are largely unaware of what the building is.

From the sidewalk, you can see a posh, open room with a pretty sweet coffee bar, but it's not the tech company or architecture firm that it appears to be; it's a coworking space.

According to Joshua Lindenstein of BizWest, the Inkpad coworking space is a place for small business owners and entrepreneurs to have a work space, which they rent from month to month.

The coworking trend has been taking off nationally, and according to the Harvard Business Review, people thrive in these types of environments, citing a sense of community, and pride in their work. But you just still have to wonder if there's still that one person that steals your stapler.

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