The time is nearing to protect yourself from mosquitoes. With large numbers of reported cases in Larimer and Weld County last year, are you ready to protect yourself against the West Nile Virus?

Mosquito Leg D Dennison
Mosquito Leg D Dennison

Protecting yourself against West Nile starts with protecting yourself from mosquitoes. Research has shown that compounds made from a bunch of words longer than your pick-up bed with DEET seem to work the best. And the compound may work best if applied to the area, creating almost a bubble effect around you and your outdoor guests, than actually applying it to your skin.

There are increasingly more and more reasons to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and other pest such as ticks. More illnesses and disease are being spread by these seemingly harmless critters. The West Nile Virus infected nearly 100 people in Larimer County and high numbers in Weld County, as of August last year 36 residents had been infected. Each counties reported one death from West Nile Virus complications.


  • As many as 80 percent of all people infected will exhibit no signs of the virus
  • Severe symptoms may find you with a high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, muscle weakness, vision loss, numbness and paralysis. Symptoms can last several weeks, and neurological effects may be permanent.
  • Mild symptoms of the virus will likely include, a fever, headache, nausea and/or a rash. Other symptoms may also be present such as vomiting and swollen lymph glands.
  • Symptoms can last a few days to several weeks.

The West Nile Virus is just one disease mosquitoes can transmit they can also spread, amongst others, Encephalitis, Malaria and Yellow Fever.


The number one remedy that this badly bitten writer has found recently to ease the irritating and mind controlling itching attacks is a home remedy. After returning from a tropical vacation and becoming the buffet to many pesky mosquitoes I couldn't stand still, sleep or wear pants until my spouse found the secret... and it's in your kitchen. The common spoon will do the trick in a quick hot minute. Take a metal spoon and insert it into hot water from the faucet (the hotter the better I have learned, no need to boil the water, just as hot as you can stand it worked best for me) then using the back side of the spoon press it onto the bite and hold there until the spoon cools off. (crazy, I know, but when my spouse gave me this new remedy I had a fresh cup of hot coffee and a million bites (the photo's above barely show the full picture of my mosquito infestation) as if a light bulb lit above my head, I applied the cup right there on my calf, shin, etc... and in almost the snap of ones fingers the pain and itch was gone. For the three really stubborn spots, later in the day I did have to use this technique again, but when you consider that just from my knee to my toes I lost count after 63 bites, dealing with three stubborn bites was a breeze. I had started out with Benadryl Gel, then Rubbing alcohol, my fingernails and Benadryl tablets.. although the symptoms retreated for a minute or two they didn't go away until I tried the hot spoon, and yes I did use the spoon after the initial application with my coffee cup.

Good luck and bring on summer!


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