After an incredibly wet spring when the mosquitoes are out in full force, it's hard to keep up and the only solution that has come close to working is the back of a hot spoon applied right on the bite.  Now, though, there's an oil for that.

Summer Mosquito Bite Solutions, Andrei Krauchuk ThinkStock
Summer Mosquito Bite Solutions, Andrei Krauchuk ThinkStock

So check this out: the CDC is saying that essential oils can eliminate mosquito bites. No fooling!

Okay, so the claim is that there is an essential oil blend that is just as effective as the popular harsh chemical solution a lot of people turn to this time of year. Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to something as simple as an essential oil.

There are some people that carry oils around them wherever they go and have been remedying their friends and family for years, but having the CDC step in and say something so powerful is huge. Now that one woman at the family reunion doesn't seem so crazy after all, right?!

The news was released by don't turn away now, keep reading. It says that the CDC says that lemon eucalyptus oil can be as effective as DEET in keeping the mosquitoes away. Until this, the only repellent supported as a true guard against these little blood suckers was DEET.

Guess it's time to break out the oils-- you can find oils almost anywhere these days. Some of the more reputable oils include DoTerra and Young Living.

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