It's time to step outside of the tea cup and get a little crazy with your honey. Here are 5 of the best thing's to do with honey.

5 Best Thing's to do With Honey iStock
5 Best Thing's to do With Honey iStock


  • Energy Booster: the more we learn about energy drinks the more you should find alternatives to boosting your energy. Honey is a natural booster, mix some honey in with your water and you'll get a natural pick me up. As a bonus, if you are fatigued, this too should be remedied.
  • Suffer from anxiety or stress? Honey will help soothe your mind. It has been shown that consuming honey regularly can offset your anxiety, so make a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and add honey, you can even add honey to your smoothies.
  • If you've cringed at the thought of bumping elbows with someone at a summer party because your elbows are like elephant skin, after your shower apply honey to your elbows and leave on for 30 minutes then wash.
  • Some say eating locally produced honey can actually lessen your allergies.
  • Got a burn? Yep, rub honey over it. They honey will help it heal faster and feel better quicker than over the counter chemicals.

There are many uses for honey and many more than just these five that would be considered the best, a favorite though is the eating local honey and cutting down allergies. Some suggest a teaspoon a day and you might not even notice the effects of the allergy season.

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