Do you think you have a "type"? Think again.

For far too long we have chalked up failed relationships as, "well, he or she is just not my type." However, have you ever sat down and asked yourself what you type is? Seriously. What specific qualities do you want or need in a partner? I think it's safe to say we all want someone who is kind, who makes us laugh, and someone who is easy on the eyes.

But what else makes us desire someone romantically?

That's what researchers at UC Davis were determined to find out and what they discovered may rattle your dating world. We don't have a "type." Or better yet, we don't have a type that differs all that much from a stranger. In other words, a stranger would do just as well picking out a partner for us as we would for ourselves.

In the study, participants were asked to write down their top three ideal traits in a partner. From there they were asked to rank their romantic desire for people with those traits based on their own answers. Participants were then asked to rank their romantic desire for people based on what the other participants in the room found desirable.

As it turns out, most participants' ranking of ideal traits and romantic desire changed because of what other people's answers.

From this, researchers determined that we don't really know what we want for ourselves when it comes to dating. Or at least, these "ideal traits" are not deal breakers. If our opinion and romantic desire changed based on what others found ideal in a partner, then we must not have a specific "type." What researchers could agree on was that we all want positive qualities in a partner.

If this is true, it sounds like we all just want someone we find attractive and if they love us with a good heart, then lock 'em down!

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