During a court appearance on Monday morning, a 25-year-old Weld County man was given a 30-year in prison sentence for his involvement in a 2017 drug-related murder. This decision follows a court date last month, in which Sammy Vega plead guilty to second-degree murder.

Courtesy of Weld County District Attorney’s Office
Courtesy of Weld County District Attorney’s Office

In his most recent hearing, Vega admitted that on December 16, 2017, he met up with two men Emmanuel and Isael Baca, both of Mexico, to conduct a drug deal. During the transaction, which took place in rural Weld County near Keenesburg, Vega admitted to shooting both men. Isael survived, while Emmanuel succumbed to his gunshot wounds. According to Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke, Vega has shown no remorse for his actions while in the courtroom, and hasn't really had a consistent story of what happened during the December meet-up either. Rourke also mentioned that since Vega has been in custody, he has continued to ignore orders of the court and turns a blind eye to the law.

Thirty years is the maximum sentence under Vega's plea agreement.

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