As always, I need a little extra help to get through my week. I count on finding some inspirational thoughts coursing around my brain to help me find my way and find the proper frame of mind for life's battles. When these words hit me I always share them on my personal Facebook page and then put them all together in one easy read for Friday. Hope something might help your brain like it does mine.

Believe what you believe with conviction but be able to bend a little. Even the strongest, most majestic looking trees still sway in the heavy wind. Stand tall in life's storms but know sometimes you have to bend a little to survive. Stare in the face of it all, bend where you must and know that you walk in victory today.

it isn't about attaining possessions, those are temporary, it's about creating memories and feelings, those last a lifetime. create some today. thank you for what you add to this world. you are so important.

if someone pops into your mind them. there is a reason they came into your thoughts. leave nothing unsaid today. don't wait to tell people how you feel about them. We all need to hear that we are being thought of and cared about. we all just want to be remembered while we are here and when we are gone. don't wait for the latter to express it. Thank you for being in my life. I care about you.

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