As I wind down my radio career I have certainly have had a lot of noise in my brain lately. There is so much to think about and consume my head that I have sure needed to find some thoughts to ground me a bit. Here are a few that got me through as I share my final edition of Weekly Words of Wisdom. Go be you...the world needs what you bring.

good morning Warriors...don't let people who don't value you determine how you value yourself...YOU ROCK...know it!

You are and will be awesome today and do not let anyone make you think or feel differently. Surround yourself with those who value and respect you, the not deserve you.

Make sure you have the right soil for your seed to grow...sometimes you just need a to plant in a different place so you can blossom.

Take the high road...there is no traffic up here...

Be sure to be the kind of person you would want to hang around with...if you don't enjoy your company why would someone else? You have to BE a friend to have friends. Peace and love to you today

Breathe deep and know there is nothing out that door that you are not more than capable of handling. Whenever you question yourself about your ability to do something, think of the people who have already done it and realize they are no better or smarter than you are and that you are more than capable of pulling it off. Believe and have confidence in you today. You have a unique set of skills...(but you are not Liam Neeson ;)) Go set the tone for the day Warriors...spread the joy and positivity of promise and hope!

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