We are down to my final 3 weeks here at K99 and I will miss you so much. I have had fun spending some time reflecting and seeing folks and just enjoying the good feelings you have been sending my way. It is a strange time and I need to keep my brain inspired during these confusing and unknown times. Here are a few thoughts that drove me this week. Win the fight Warriors. Find your happy.

What a fantastic day this has been!!! Amazing what you see and hear when you adjust your settings

Today...be 'somebody'. Everybody is waiting for 'somebody' to do something. We always hear people say that 'somebody' should do this or 'somebody' should help this person or 'somebody' should just perform this task or 'somebody' should go see how so and so are doing. The world is waiting for 'somebody' to do something...be that 'somebody' today. 'Somebody' can make a huge difference even without a lot of effort...are you 'somebody'?

Demand the best from yourself this year...accept nothing less.

Be you today...be the unique individual you are. We are all one of a kind. Embrace that. Greatness comes from individuals. There are no holidays, monuments or statues honoring a committee or board...it takes the uniqueness in all of us individuals to create greatness. Be awesome today...you are

The gift of joy knows no income bracket. We all can give it and no one ever has received too much of it.


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