2008 Ford Super Duty F-650 Straight Frame XLT
Todd Harding, TSM

You won't believe the truck we saw over the weekend. My wife, Jenny, and I took our truck to the Quicklane at Greeley Spradley Barr to get the oil changed on Saturday. It is where I bought my Ford F-150 and they are fast, friendly and do a darn good job.

When we pulled into the dealership parking lot, a truck caught our eye instantly. It was unlike any truck I have ever seen in my life! This is a custom built 2008 Ford Super Duty F-650 Straight Frame XLT...and it is for sale. You will find it on the Spradley Barr website.

Just Four of the Things That Make This F-650 Unique

  • Hydraulic Lift Off Bed
  • Compound Turbos
  • Custom Paint Job
  • Push Button

Most of the custom work was done by F650 Supertrucks in Augusta, GA.

My lovely wife and I took these photos on Saturday with our iPhones on a very sunny day.

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