The Mega Millions record breaking 640 million dollar (as of noon MDT) lottery drawing is tonight. Although your odds of winning are less than your odds of becoming president; playing tonight's lottery is a fun trip to dream land.

mega millions

What to do with your record lottery jackpot winnings. Just in case you would have trouble deciding and would like to give back to the community.

  1. You could take on the expense of the Windsor/I25 interchange facelift at 17.5 (ish) million.
  2. Pick up the tab for the 4 million dollar Rialto Theatre Center (renovation) project in Loveland.
  3. If the Weld County Food Bank can turn $1 into $10 dollars of food, you could feed 10 thousand clients each month and assist 106 partner agencies serving those at risk for hunger with a donation of about 9 million dollars (please keep in mind that this is an estimate, I am not a math major and I had too many martini's last night at my boss's going away party) :)
  4. Build an 85 unit affordable housing complex in Fort Collins for roughly 19.5 million
  5. Put up 33 million for a new police services building
  6. Pay for the Mountain Ave roundabout in Fort Collins, price tag: 5.3 million
  7. Install a bronze statue at every bus stop in northern Colorado for about 2 million

Win or lose have fun in dream land.

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