The Fort Collins police fraud and forgery detectives investigated several cases where victims "lost money to lottery scams".

Here's how it works: victims receive calls from unknown numbers telling them they've won a mega lottery worth millions (despite the fact that victims didn't even enter to win). Scammers require the victims to pay a large amount of money to "cover taxes for the winnings".

Fort Collins Police

The post continues saying that "if you actually win the lottery, you'll have the choice to get a lump sum or payout over several years".

Remember that with whatever method you choose, most taxes will be withheld from the actual payout, and all additional taxes would be taken out when filing taxes.

You will never be asked to pay in advance to claim lottery winnings, according to police.

Lottery scammers target everyone, seniors have been "especially vulnerable" to scams like this.

Always think twice when an unsolicited "prize" lands at your doorstep (or to your phone), and have a conversation with older family members about this.

Fort Collins Police


Funds transferred to the scammers is nearly impossible to recover.

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