It is no secret that Drake White is one of my favorite artists in all of music. I consider him near the top as far as live entertainers go and you will not find a man with a bigger heart and soul than Drake. I honestly love this man as an artist and as a friend.

I can't wait for him to come here for the Greeley Stampede later this summer with LoCash to blow everyone's minds. It will be the show of the summer. If you haven't picked up his debut album "Spark" yet, do it now. I promise you it will become one of your favorites. I had the pleasure of getting to see Drake perform in Nashville for the Country Radio Seminar last week. His performance was by far the highlight of the night. While his performance was amazing, his intro video was even more epic. Check out the hilarious way Drake was brought on stage. It seems there is some other famous dude named 'Drake' too. Who knew?

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