My name is Brian Gary and I am a Drake-aholic. I am addicted to the music of Drake White and there is no cure. The only thing I can do to slow down the dragon is to listen to more Drake White music or see one of his performances. Thank you Today Show for giving me, and the rest of the nation, a fix yesterday.

I have said for some time now, that Drake is going to be the next big thing. He is very deserving of winning a truck load of awards next year and having a 'Chris Stapleton kind of year' and he so deserves it. There is no artist today that has the passion and talent all wrapped up in one package like Drake does. That is why I was so driven to get him in last years Habajeeba Show and he blew away the crowd just as I expected.

The nation got a taste of what we already knew yesterday. He made his national TV debut with Hoda and Kathie Lee on the Today Show singing his new smash hit "Livin' the Dream" and he did not disappoint. Check out Drake's big network debut here.


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