Tonight is the show I have been waiting for at the Greeley Stampede. This is the night when I am going to be dancing and singing along to every song. LoCash, who are a couple of the best guys and best entertainers in the biz are hitting the big stage at the Stampede. These guys have worked their tails off to get where they are and deserve every lick of success they are tasting right now. The whole industry cheers for these guys because of who they are. I promise you a very entertaining headliner set tonight from LoCash.

Before LoCash hits the stage, one of my best friends in the business and a man I consider to be the best live act in country music, Drake White, will be owning the stage. This man just oozes music. It is in his soul. He has no choice. This is what he what made to do. I love his spirit, his heart and his music. A Drake White show gives your soul a lift and moves your body. I would travel anywhere to see Drake perform and tonight I only have to drive down to Island Grove Park in Greeley to see this amazing performer and another of the best in country music, LoCash. Can't wait to see you tonight. Here is some Drake to get your in the groove.

Drake White Spark Interview
Kevin White, Getty Images

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