An intense video posted by Kunkyle Z on youtube shows an aggressive mountain lion stalking him for approximately six minutes before the man was able to let his guard down. The incident happened in the neighboring state of Utah. Much like Colorado, they seem to have their fair share of encounters with mountain lions as well.

The Youtuber came on what he thought to be bobcats while on a trail run in Utah. Turns out, the bobcats were mountain lion cubs with mom not far behind. Kunkyle Z, recorded the entire event as it unfolded. On numerous occasions, you can clearly see the mountain lion lunge at him. The mountain lion finally retreated after what seems to be a rock was thrown at it.

The end of the video shows the man saying he is "somewhat calm, actually" and " yeah... not going back that way". I don't blame him, I wouldn't either.

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Source: youtube

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