The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has a new, 90lb, wobbly legged resident and he's very cute.

The 8-week-old moose calf was born in Anchorage, Alaska and orphaned at six days old according to The Gazette.

After a 3,000 mile trip on the road and in the air, the calf was released from the crate he was transported in. It took him several hours of exploring and sniffing to get comfortable. The calf is being housed in the former area that the zoo's famous Canadian moose "Tahoma" lived in before succumbing to poor health earlier this year.

Rachel Wright, the Zoo's public relations manager said this to The Gazette:

Everyone is still really sad about losing Tahoma, who was an amazing animal ambassador and a fan favorite … but it’s why we have room for this little guy. Tahoma passed away about eight weeks ago, and this little baby was born about eight weeks ago. Do whatever your heart wants to do with that, but it made me cry.


See the full story by watching this great video from The Gazette below.

Source: The Gazette & Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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Animals of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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