What do you do with your free time? If you're like most of the internet today, you're watching a young Wyoming girl and her dog bounce on a trampoline together.

This really has become an internet thing. I saw this trending on multiple sites in recent days. Here's the backstory from the YouTube description about this little girl and her dog who live somewhere near Jackson, Wyoming:

Alex is our 3-year-old daughter and she loves to jump on the trampoline with Kona, our 2-year-old Rottweiler. Kona is super sweet with Alex and is her best friend. They always are looking out for each other.

What's better than a dog that has your back especially if you're a kid? Answer: nothing. If you have or have had a Rottweiler, you know they are excellent guard dogs that are fiercely loyal if they're your friend. If they're not your friend, you don't want to appear as a threat to the one they're loyal to. I'll leave it at that. This Rottweiler appears to be a cream puff if you have a trampoline.

Last time I looked, this innocent Wyoming video moment has been shared on websites from the UK and other places around the world. Now you're one of the nearly hundreds of thousands of people who have viewed some innocent internet fun courtesy of a Wyoming girl and her dog.

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