This weekend is Johnny's Community Run here in Windsor. This is such a wonderful event that brings Windsor and Northern Colorado together in the name of one of the kindest souls who called this area home. We will gather, exercise and raise money for causes that meant so much to John Jacoby.

I have been training and trying to see if I can get myself to actually run in this event. Last year at this time I was near 350 lbs and even moving .5K would have been a stretch but now after losing 140+ lbs I am doing things I have never dreamed of. I thought I would give this 5K a try. I have been running on the anti-gravity treadmill at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor and have been flying on that. I have tried taking it to the actual pavement and that is where I have encountered the roadblock. I still have 52 years old joints and bones that are feeling the burden of decades of carrying way too much weight. I can only go a mile or two and then my knee goes and my feet go numb and it is just unpleasant. I can walk for miles and miles but the running is proving more painful that anticipated. I will still be there Saturday and will do the 5K. I will run some and walk some as my body tells me what it wants. Walk or run or both, this is still going to be a monumental moment for me and the perfect way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Good Morning Guys. See you at Boardwalk Park in Windsor Saturday morning.

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