North Colorado Medical Center
Todd Harding, TSM

UPDATE:  Tuesday, September 3rd @ 5:30 a.m.

How is Brian? The truth is, he has good days and bad days. Monday was a bad day. He is recovering little-by-little and day-by-day. We hope to have him back on the air in a week or two, but we won’t rush him back.  We will give him as much time as he needs to recover.  Right now Brian has a nurse coming to his house every day to dress his wounds and make sure he is up on his meds.


UPDATE:  Friday, August 30th @ 9 a.m.

Brian has been home for a couple of days.  He has a very nice nurse who comes in once a day and changes his bandages.  I asked how he is doing and he said, "Baby steps! Baby Steps every day! Brian appreciates all your thoughts and prayers.  He hopes to be back to work next week.


UPDATE:  Thursday, August 29th:

Brian is home from the hospital.  Home Health Care professionals will visit him for at least 2 weeks.  Brian told Todd last night he wants to try to get back to work by Tuesday. We will see. We promise we will not rush Brian back to work before he is ready.


UPDATE Wednesday, August 28th:

Brian had a successful surgery yesterday and according to his surgeon they were able to remove all of the bacteria from the affected area. While that is good news, Brian is still in a great deal of pain as he continues to recover and could still use your thoughts and prayers.

Brian Posted this on his Facebook this morning:

In my hospital room 4 am Wednesday, August 28th, 13 days since initial infection attack. have had 3 surgical procedures for drainage and infection. I have never experienced anything like this. To those who find the strength to fight cancer and other ailments daily, I applaud you. This has taken every bit of physical and mental strength I have to fight. It has been so frustrating to hit dead end after dead end and keep the chin up. What I got was some kind of "superbug" that has been a bitch to contain and kill. Some of the meds used to try and combat it have now caused kidney issues that hopefully will work themselves out. For the first time in 2 weeks I wake up hopeful that we have found a direction. I cannot tell you what your prayers have and continue to mean to me. I love you for that kindness. It may take a little while but...I WILL be back better than ever. Thank you for your help


Brian Gary, my radio partner for the past 25 years, is at North Colorado Medical Center fighting an extremely serious infection. His surgery has been rescheduled for Tuesday morning. We have all been worried sick about Brian. He missed work all of last week except for Monday and will miss all of this week too.

We are not pushing for him to get back to work, we just want him to get better. What started as a very small wound became a massive infected area in just a couple of days. What we know is that Brian has a serious bacterial infection in a place that is very private and very painful and has had trouble fighting the infection because of his Diabetes. When I visited Brian at the hospital on Sunday, I was told that the infection was still spreading. When I talked to Brian this morning he said his kidneys are now being affected as well.

Brian had surgery late Saturday night to remove fluid from the area. A surgery he had scheduled for this morning has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. It has been an extremely painful process. I was encouraged yesterday when one of Brian's nurses, who happens to be a K99 listener, found a medication that made it so Brian could finally get a little relief from the constant pain he has been in.

However, this is still very serious. Doctors are doing all they can, but we could still use all of your thoughts and prayers. I know Brian appreciates them very much. You can send Brian a personal message on his facebook page. He reads them all. I will do my best to keep you all updated on the Good Morning Guys Facebook Page. Check there for the latest on his condition.

Please don't try to visit Brian at the hospital; he is really not up for visitors at this point. However you can leave him a video message letting him know you're thinking about him or send cards to the radio station and I will deliver them to Brian:

Brian Gary
K99 Radio
600 Main Street
Windsor, CO, 80550

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