When you think about the type of items stolen in Colorado you would probably expect to think about vehicles, wallets, or jewelry and watches.

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Sometimes there are certain items stolen that are questionable, but a thief in Lakewood, Colorado was obsessed with stealing one item will leave you scratching your head as well as looking at your laundry a little bit differently.

Stolen Underwear in Colorado


Hugo Salazar Hernandez of Lakewood is suspected of stealing more than 500 pairs of underwear and other undergarments from Lakeview Towners Apartment Complex.

The Lakewood Police Department believes that Salazar Hernandez has stolen over $30,000 worth of underwear.

Authorities currently have a warrant out for Salazar Hernandez's arrest. The 39-year-old already has warrants for his arrest due to burglary and theft.

This is deeply concerning especially since Salazar Hernandez has stolen undergarments from children, adults, and the elderly.

KDVR reports that there were 26 thefts over three years.

Concerns Amongst Public Laundry Users


15% of Americans use a laundromat or a shared laundry room.  I used a laundromat for about 10 years and weird situations like this popped into my mind, but I never expected it to be a reality.

I feel horrible for the victims who had their underwear stolen. It's a complete invasion of privacy and Salazar Hernandez's crimes are disgusting.

Colorado Underwear Thief Has Not Been Caught Yet


According to the Lakewood Police Department's statement, Hernandez has not been caught and authorities are still looking for him.

He has possibly vacated the area and we hope he is caught soon.

If you have any information, the Lakewood Police Department is ready for your call at 303-980-7300.

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