Do you believe in aliens? I want to say yes, but at the same time, I am kind of skeptical. I am sure we all want to say yes, but until there is actual proof of life on other planets, we just have to believe.


In recent years, there has been quite an increase in sightings of unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs, in the state of Colorado. According to, sightings in the state of Colorado have increased between 2000 to 2023.

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The Denver Metro area has had an average of 43.2 UFO sightings per 100,00 residents. While that may seem like a lot, it's nothing compared to Mineral and Huerfano Counties where sightings of UFOs are at 377.8 and 362.5 per 100,000 residents.


Larimer County has spotted its fair share of unidentified flying objects too. 282 sightings to be exact. That equates to 78.5 sightings per 100,000 residents in the county. Weld County doesn't have even half the unidentified flying object sightings that Larimer County does. At only 140 sightings, occurrences come out to around 42.2 sightings per 100,000 residents.


El Paso County has the most amount of sightings per county in the state of Colorado with 359. With the sheer amount of those sightings in El Paso County, that comes out to roughly 49.2 sightings per 100,00 residents.

According to, most of these unidentified flying objects can be accredited to military activity, satellites, and other scientific phenomena... Or that's at least what they want us to know. See more on sightings of unidentified flying objects in Colorado and other areas of the United States at

Unbelievable: UFO Sightings from Around Colorado

Have you ever spotted a UFO over Colorado? Last year alone (2022), hundreds of reports were made to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The information below comes from the 2022 Annual Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The examples below represent only a fraction of the reports made during the year 2022. Reports from various communities across Colorado were selected for this gallery.

The National UFO Reporting Center site offers a detailed list of dates, locations, descriptions, and in many cases, photos.

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20 UFO Sightings Reported by Amazed Witnesses in Western Colorado

People see UFOs all the time. Some are lucky enough to capture photos or videos. If you are sure you saw one, you can report it to the National UFO Reporting Center.
Reports of UFOs in Western Colorado happen every year. Keep going to see the dates and locations of Colorado's recent UFO sightings from the Western Slope.

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Is this Phenomenon the Explanation of all Colorado UFO Sightings?

Colorado experiences what are known as Lenticular Cloud sightings frequently, which may be the explanation for all, or at least some, of the state’s UFO sightings.

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