Recent rains have caused the U.S. Forest Service to lift its fire ban on national forest land in Larimer County.

Forest officials lifted all fire restrictions Thursday due to recent rains, meaning recreational shooting is once again allowed in certain areas.

Open fires are still prohibited in unincorporated Larimer County, Sheriff Justin Smith is expected to ask the county commissioners Tuesday to end those restrictions. In Larimer County, fires are currently allowed only in permanent pits and grates, but emergency management officials reported that the Sheriff’s Office will ask for those restrictions to be lifted Tuesday so the county is in line with the Forest Service.

While campfires are now allowed in rock rings, non-permanent pits and grates, officials remind residents to keep a close eye on those fires and make sure they are completely extinguished before leaving them unattended.

Forest officials encourage campers to check for local restrictions as well before starting fires.


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