Picture this. You're walking around beautiful Downtown Breckenridge and you come to this perfect little spot on a well manicured patch of grass near a rolling stream and decide to take a break and enjoy the scenery and lay back and take a little power nap.

Then, a few minutes later you're awaken to a couple of moose sniffing around you and staring you down. Crazy right? Well that's what happened to a man who decided to take a snooze at Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge except, the man didn't wake up and see the moose but a passerby got the experience on video and in pictures.

YouTube/Summit Daily News


Although at that point where the ladies were yelling at the man to wake up, it was probably better that he didn't because who knows what his and/or the moose's reaction would've been.

The man may have jumped up from being startled and that may have set off the moose to attack? It's hard to really tell but it probably worked out better for everyone involved that the gentleman, who was later shown the video and pictures just stayed asleep during the whole encounter.

Just a friendly reminder that when you take a nap in the great outdoors, especially in Colorado, you just never know who or what will be lurking around you while you're snoozing or what you'll see when you wake up.


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