COVID-19 isn't doesn't just affect humans. It turns out that big cats can catch COVID-19 too. The Denver Zoo has confirmed that two Amur tigers, Yuri and Nikita, have tested positive and showing signs of COVID-19.

The Denver Zoo's Twitter says that the two tigers have been observed sneezing, coughing, experiencing lethargy, and nasal discharge is present in both Nikita and Yuri.

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The Denver Zoo caretakers and veterinary medical teams are keeping a close eye on the infected duo. Currently, the Amur tigers' COVID-19 symptoms appear to be mild and improving.

The tweets from the Denver Zoo state they are unsure as to how either Nikita or Yuri became infected with the virus, but they are receiving excellent care. The Denver Zoo is planning on vaccinating the two tigers along with other big cat species when doses of Zoetis, the animal-specific vaccine becomes readily available.

The Denver Zoo installed barriers around the tiger habitat to ensure there was a safe distance between the visitors and the habitat. Currently, there are no other animals in the Denver Zoo that are showing signs of COVID-19 infection.

The Denver Zoo says that they will keep us all updated on the status of Nikita and Yuri. At this time, all daily tiger demonstrations have been suspended until further notice until the two tigers have fully recovered from the COVID-19 virus.

Source: Denver Zoo

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