Valentine's Day is this week, which means couples around the country are scheduling reservations, picking out cards, buying gifts, and planning romantic date nights. Couples who especially bond over breakfast might want to take advantage of a unique Valentine's Day trend that's rapidly increasing across the country: dining at Waffle House.

This Valentine's Day tradition began in 2008 at a Waffle House restaurant in John’s Creek, Georgia, but the trend has quickly caught on across the nation. Because so many couples were coming to dine at the John's Creek Waffle House on Valentine's Day, the manager decided to turn the experience into something extra special.

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Now, participating restaurants go all out for the holiday, decorating the tables with roses and the interior with love-themed items, plus creating a specially curated Cupid's jukebox playlist. Some stores will also have temporary photobooths on-site and may offer 2-for-1 deals on certain dishes.

Valentine's Day is also the only day of the year when Waffle House accepts reservations. Guests can call to book a reservation.

The breakfast chain's festive February 14th event has now grown to 194 participating restaurants across 23 states, including two in Colorado.

In Colorado, the two places that are participating are the Colorado Springs store at 755 West Fillmore Street and the Littleton location, at 201 E. County Line Road.

Other Waffle House restaurants will still be open on Wednesday, just not participating in the extra event.

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