The Colorado Buffaloes may have had a huge win this past Saturday against Utah, but that didn't stop two of their own from getting into trouble after the game.

According to the Denver Post, 23 year old Abdul Jaleel Awini and 21 year old Christopher Hill were arrested after both players were involved in a fight at a bar in downtown Boulder.

Awini was arrested due to suspicion of drug possession and Hill was cited for third degree assault.

What makes the story even more absurd is the players were fighting with each other, which is surprising after the big win that the Buffs had earlier in the night.

Police found what they believe to be cocaine in Awini's wallet after they were called to the scene. This all occurred after an argument between the two that resulted in Hill punching Awini.

Coach Mike MacIntyre didn't hesitate in doling out punishment for the two players, with Awini being suspended from the team and Hill has been ruled inactive for the championship game on Friday.

The incident occurred outside of the Walrus Saloon, located 1911 11th street in Boulder.

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