An accident involving a school bus yesterday in Weld County was caused by a driver of a truck falling asleep at the wheel. The accident occurred near the area of Weld County road 49 and Weld County Road 22 near Hudson.


The bus was transporting 40 people back home from Elitch Gardens in Denver when the driver of the truck fell asleep while driving southbound and then crossed into oncoming traffic. At that time the truck hit the side of the school bus, making the bus roll one and a quarter times according to CBS Denver. The injuries to the passengers of the bus vary. 10-15 of the students were taken to the hospital for treatment of broken bones, 2 adults and 4 children were taken to Platte Valley Medical Center for treatment, listed in fair and good condition. 6 teenagers between the ages of 15-18 were taken to Children's Hospital in Aurora and listed in good and fair condition as of last night. 4 of the passengers were "Code Red" with significant injuries and the possibility of the injuries being more severe than they appear.

The truck driver that fell asleep at the wheel is facing charges of careless driving resulting in injury and his name has not been released.


Source: CBS Denver


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