As a kid, climbing trees was just a fun way to feel adventurous while hanging out high above the ground...but did you know that people around the country actually participate in tree climbing competitions?

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In fact, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Climbing Championship has made its way back to Fort Collins this year, taking place July 19-22 at City Park. The competition features climbers from the Rocky Mountain chapter, which is made up of people from Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming. During these four days, professional arborists will compete in different events, meant to test their skills of professionally and safely maneuvering in a tree, while tackling specific work-related tasks, such as pruning, in a timely manner. Male and female competitors must qualify in the preliminary rounds in order to make it to the championship.

In addition to the competition, participants get the chance to learn the latest in climbing techniques and innovations in equipment. Members of the community are welcome to come out and watch the talented tree climbers showcase their skills, but ISA asks that for safety purposes, the public keeps out of the roped off station areas. The action starts at 8 a.m. all four days.

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