If you consider yourself to be an ambitious person, ready to take on adventures and challenges of all kinds, and wouldn't mind attempting to do so in front of millions of strangers, auditions for the popular show, 'The Amazing Race,' are being held in Colorado this Thursday, with big money on the line.

For those who are unfamiliar, 'The Amazing Race' is reality TV series in which teams of two, race around the world, competing in various physical and mental challenges to ultimately win a million dollars. If this sounds like something you (and a teammate) would love to do, the open auditions for the upcoming season are taking place July 12, at K1 Speed (8034 Midway Dr.) in Littleton. According to the show's website, producers are looking for a diverse group of men and women who are easily able to adapt to new environments, are strong-willed, outgoing, adventurous, physically and mentally adept, and who live interesting lifestyles or have unique backgrounds and personalities. All contestants must be  U.S. citizens, living in the US and 18 years or older at the time of application.

At the Littleton casting call, teams may begin lining up at 9 a.m., with the auditions starting at 11 a.m. The first 200 teams in line will have the chance to audition on camera, however each team only has one minute to express their interest. If selected as semi-finalists, those candidates will then be invited back for final interviews. Competitors should know that they must be willing to travel to remote and unfamiliar locations for approximately four weeks, and that they will be filmed up to 24 hours a day, with the footage being aired on national television at a later date.

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