If you heard helicopters and a lot of sirens last night in Loveland, you are not the only one. There was a frightening situation on the Great Western Railway that certainly could have been much worse.

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Thanks to multiple agencies in Colorado, the problem was resolved without any injuries.

Train Redrailed in Loveland

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A train was derailed on February 6 west of Madison Avenue, according to the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority.

A 1:00 a.m. a train fell off the tracks. The train did not fall over, but unfortunately, the train was damaged and hundreds of diesel fuel spilled in Loveland. The fuel spill did not cause any injuries and everybody is safe.

The fuel was contained and did not get in to any waterways. Great Western Railway is working with their HazMat remediation company. - Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Northern Colorado Agencies Came to the Rescue

Credit: Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, Facebook
Credit: Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, Facebook

Many agencies came to support Loveland during this frightening situation. The Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Thompson Valley EMS, Berthoud Fire Protection, Loveland Police Department, and the hazmat company went above and beyond to ensure Loveland residents were safe.

What Was Inside the Train


KDVR reports that the train was transporting sugar and there are no reports of there being any damage to the sugar.

Train Derailments Becoming An Issue

This is not the first time that a train has derailed in Northern Colorado and it may indicate that repairs are needed. Last month an Amtrack train, with passengers on board, derailed in Weld Country. Derailment is becoming a major issue and hopefully, a solution will be found soon.

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